About Us

Three Beat Slide - About UsEven though I may not seem typical in videos trust me, I’m sure I like many of the same things you do.  Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve always enjoyed spending time outdoors with my family.  I can remember going to locally held concerts during the summer months and we would all have such a great time.  I like biking, walking, running, and love warm sunny days.  Outdoor cookouts and picnics are my all-time favorite.  As far as music goes, my style has been inspired by a mixture of modern pop and rap artists.  I would like to say that the most influential artists have been Rebecca Black and the Cimorelli Band.  They have taught me to pursue my dream and do what I love regardless of what people think.  When I write music, I always aim for unique interesting sounds to add pop and spice to my music.  Most importantly, I like to keep tunes fresh and upbeat.

Three Beat Slide - About UsI really enjoy music because it inspires me to be a better person in life.  I like music because it has the power to relive stress and it makes me have an extraordinary time.  After all, the most important thing is to keep cool and be yourself.  I’m very particular when it comes to writing music since I want it to reflect my best work.  Even though I catch myself listening to almost any type of music, my favorite genres are pop and rap because I think that these genres really fit my way of life and personality.  My current favorite artists are Iggy Azalea and Jessie J.  It’s not necessarily because of the lyrics but more because of the energy in the music that sticks in your head for a long time. When I sing I always like to sing from the heart and with everything I’ve got.  I love making music videos because it puts me in a very happy mood.  Filming videos is great because I get to travel and see many different places and it’s always a lot of fun.  Speaking of travelling, one place where I would really love to visit one day is Paris.  Who knows, one day I may find myself there making a music video!

Three Beat Slide - About UsWhat’s there not to like about being in a family band while having fun making music?  That pretty much sums up my motivation for doing what I do.  Being able to create something positive and spending time together is pretty special.  My interest in music started when my aunt and uncle bought me an electric guitar and a small amp for my ninth birthday.  I immediately started plucking away at it making as many cool sounds as possible and that’s where my musical interest all started.  Now I’m able to continue the experience and share my love of music with my kids.  These moments will forever be in the songbook of my mind and years from now I will look back on them and have many fond memories.  I like listening to many different genres of music and feel that each style has something to offer.  Being able to explore different musical ideas and having complete freedom to go wherever the mood takes me keeps the music fresh and distinctive.  I am really looking forward to see where the next musical idea will take me.