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  1. Isn’t winter better than summer? I mean it’s cold and everything dies, but it’s also winter for my enemies too. So I get to know that they are suffering.

    • Well I’d say winter’s better ’cause it’s whiter, but I’m not Three Beat Slide, so I wouldn’t know. What is your opinion on this matter, Larry?

  2. Hey three beat gang! Long time fan, first time commentor here. Just wondering if you guys have/or will ever experimented with any illicit substances, mainly shrooms? Thanks guys!


  3. Hey guys, Many people have always wondered whether or not the moon landing was a conspiracy. I, for one, believe that it was. Marcus Allen – British publisher of Nexus, who said photographs of the lander would not prove that the United States put men on the Moon, and “Getting to the Moon really isn’t much of a problem – the Russians did that in 1959. The big problem is getting people there.” He suggests that NASA sent robot missions because radiation levels inouter space would be deadly. Another variant on this is the idea that NASA and its contractors did not recover quickly enough from the Apollo 1 fire, and so all the early Apollo missions were faked, with Apollos 14 or 15 being the first real mission. I was just wondering if the three of you believe these theory, and possibly had anything to do with the moon landing.

    Thanks again!


  4. Hey ya’ll! It’s your ol’ pal Coq here back again. I was just wondering when you guys will be releasing your new song? I heard from the grape-vine that it is a patriotic song, i also heard that you are planning on a late june/early july release. I have connected the dots and was just wondering whether this would be a “4th of July” themed song. If I have cracked this code correctly, I feel as if i not only deserve a themed video message directed at me, but I also feel I deserve a free birthday card (pink, if you will) from your Three Beat Slide store. I will not want to do a thing today if I do not receive this gift.

    Thanks again Edward, Edward and of course, Dayana.

    Please, please brighten up my day guys.

    Your fan, Coq Bloq.

  5. Hey three beat gang! It’s me again, Coq Bloq! The state of human rights in Syria has long been the subject of harsh criticism from global organizations.The country was under emergency rule from 1963 until 2011, banning public gatherings of more than five people, and effectively granting security forces sweeping powers of arrest and detention.Bashar al-Assad is widely regarded as having been unsuccessful in implementing democratic change, with a 2010 report from Human Rights Watchstating that he had failed to substantially improve the state of human rights since taking power, although some minor aspects had seen improvement.

    In December 2010, mass anti-government protests began in Tunisia and later spread across other parts of the Arab world, including Syria. By February 2011, revolutions occurred in Tunisia and Egypt, while Libya began to experience its own civil war. Numerous other Arab countries also faced protests, with some attempting to calm the masses by making concessions and governmental changes. The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt are supposed to have inspired the mid-March 2011 protests in Syria. I was just wondering, what do you guys take of this situation, I for one, feel so awful. Thanks again!


  6. Hello, Three Beater- Reverend Warrem here. In the late 1940s, American Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete, a religious order that treats Roman Catholic priests who struggle with personal difficulties such as substance abuse and sexual misconduct. In a series of letters and reports to high-ranking Catholic leaders starting in the 1950s, Fitzgerald warned of substantial problems with pedophile priests. He wrote, for example, “[sexual abuse] offenders were unlikely to change and should not be returned to ministry”, and this was discussed with Pope Paul VI (1897 – 1978) and “in correspondence with several bishops”.

    In 2001, sex abuse cases were first required to be reported to Rome. After the 2002 revelation that cases of abuse were widespread in the Church, The Dallas Morning Newsdid a year-long investigation.The results made public in 2004 showed that even after the public outcry, priests were moved out of the countries where they had been accused and were still in “settings that bring them into contact with children, despite church claims to the contrary”. Among the investigation’s findings is that nearly half of 200 cases “involved clergy who tried to elude law enforcement.” In July 2010, the Vatican doubled the length of time after the 18th birthday of the victim that clergymen can be tried in a church court and streamlined the processes for removing “pedophile priests”.

    The cases received significant media and public attention in Canada, Ireland, the United States, and throughout the world. In response to the attention, members of the church hierarchy have argued that media coverage has been excessive and disproportionate. According to a Pew Research Center study, media coverage mostly emanated from the United States in 2002, when a Boston Globe series began a critical mass of news reports; by contrast, in 2010 much of the reporting focused on child abuse in Europe.

  7. I feel as though I am being targeted by unrealistic and impossible beauty standards set by videos such as skip skip and primarily the beach boogie. I feel as though the ENTIRE female population is a victim to this assault and I DEMAND an apology and various Three Beat Slide Merchandise especially a signed photograph of the gas station theme and an autographed side pose photograph of the group

  8. Hola tres vencieron diapositiva. Mi nombre es Amelio Juandez . Me encantan tus vídeos chicos sigan así ! El vídeo de la boogie playa me recuerda a cuando yo era un niño, porque yo uso para visitar la playa mucho con mi familia y amigos . escucho el boogie playa cada día cuando me levanto y luego escucho que necesitamos algo de nieve por la mañana de Navidad. yo uso para odiar tareas , pero ahora te quiero puta mierda tareas escucho Chore día CADA DIA SOLO PORQUE TENGO TANTAS chorse HAHA todos modos gracias por sus hombres melodías yo sólo deseaba que chicos liberados con mayor frecuencia. de todos modos tener un gran día y por favor, liberar el instruemental de salto salto diapositiva como siento que quiero subir mi propia portada de la gran canción

  9. Dear Misogynist Beat slide, I feel as though poor Dayana is being OPPRESSED in this male dominated musical group. I feel as though Dayana REQUIRES her own spin off song considering that both other male members of the group have their own solo performances. This song should include themes such as the over-sexualisation of women, misogyny and oppression.

    Yours truly Debra.

  10. Are you guys for real and legit like the family in the South Park episode “All about Mormons” or is this is all big joke? Honestly

  11. I like the way you guys blent seamlessly into the background of the ice-cream shop in Summertime is Great, I couldn’t even see the Green Screen!

  12. Which artists would you say have influenced you the most?

    I’m guessing:
    – Rage Against the Machine
    – The Gallows
    – Metallica
    – The Soviet Red Army Choir
    – Justin Bieber
    – MattyB
    – PSY
    – Tim Minchin
    – The Spice Girls
    – Kiss
    – Queen
    – Gorgoroth
    – Lady GaGa
    – Beethoven
    – Cannibal Corpse
    – Tenacious D
    – Seth MacFarlane
    – Alice Cooper
    – Church Hymns

    Am I right with any of these?

  13. Hey Three Beaters, Just wondering if you guys ever plan on releasing a “best of” collection that is a compilation of all your greatest hits. Loving the Enthusiasm.

    Two Beat Slide.

  14. Hey guys, my names Euphemia and I’m 107 years old. I really love your songs, they bring so much joy into my world. P.S. Edward Sr. is a dreamboat, his voice is like music to my ears, oh wait… IT IS!!!

    • I have!!! It was awesome! I loved the spaghetti highways. Just a shame that there were so many wetbacks.

  15. Ahh, the Beach Boogie reminds me of the songs I used to dance to as a stripper, those were the days!!!

  16. Back in Back on my 20th birthday, in 1928, I remember that one of my presents was a record for my gramophone, I listened to it on my wedding. I’m reminded of that song every time I listen to ‘We Need Some Snow’! Ahh, such bliss!

  17. Greetings again Three Beat Gang! Just electronic messaging you to let you know I just really love your song Chore day. Such a catchy tune with great vocals and a steady beat. Just wondering what chores Edward Junior did not want to do that day. I understand that it was the laundry but I feel as though there is more to this Conundrum.

    Yours Truly, Two Beat Slide.

  18. @twobeatslide:disqus I’m also an AVID fan, which of their songs is your favourite? Mine’s ‘we need some snow’.

  19. Hi guys, your ol’ (very ol’) pal, Euphemia. I just wanted to check and all, because you guys mean the world to me, sincerely, Ms. Eberhardt. XOXOXO <3!

  20. Hi, me again. It’s been a while. Just checking to make sure everything’s shipshape!

  21. Hy giz, mi agen, sori i havnt poasted veri mutsh, laytli, ive bean duing biznes with otha oyl barons. just wundering wen yu giz wil mayk anuther sogn, sinsearli, Ahmed.

  22. bi th wai, i lisend 2 th beetsh bugi and i thawt it woz rili veri gud! i sooo wont yu giz 2 mayk anuther song! that wud bi sooper kul!

  23. Greetings, fellow whites! Are you guys proud of your race? Are you guys sick of non-white crime? Do you guys want more protestant Christians in positions of power? Do you guys believe that the holocaust was a myth? If your answer to any of these questions was ‘yes’, then come visit http://www.kkk.com!!!

  24. helo agen giz! houz th nu musik cuming a long? i hop itz rili gud!!! sumertim iz grayt woz fantastik but i reken yor nu song wil bi evan beter!!!

  25. Greetings, fellow whites! How’s the career going? BTW, I’ve been listening to the beach boogie soooooooo much, lately!

  26. Good gosh golly! The new song is in the works! Better dust off the gramophone, because I’m gonna be listening all year long!

  27. Hello. I am having a corporate party/large gathering soon. Could I arrange to have you play at it. All expenses paid. But you would have to form a human centipede and eat each other’s farts during the concert. Please let me know.

    • Seriously. That song is an insult to the thousands of people killed by police in this country…

      It really tarnished the image and reputation of TBS.

  28. Hello Three Beat Slide. Loving the new track! America truly is the place to be! Too bad I am not in America. Just wondering If there is any meaning behind the scene where Edward Junior names specific countries but points to the letters W A S H of Washington perhaps this is a hidden message if you will?

    Yours Sincerely, Four Beat Slide.

  29. Hey Again Three Beat slide! I am not very tech savvy could you please send me your online shop where I can buy one of your T-Shirts? A link, If you will. I am really feeling the orchard purple colorway today and wish to purchase it.

    Yours Sincerely, If you will, Four Beat Slide.

  30. Hey Again Three Beaters! Just typing to inform you that it is actually a federal offence use the USA flag to use the flag as apparel, bedding or drapery. This is under the United States Flag Code. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Flag_Code

    I understand that You are the number one in THIS nation if you will, but perhaps by law you will be required to tone it down a little.

    Yours Sincerely, If you will, Four Beat Slide

    • I am not only disgusted and appalled by this act, But also feel as though I require some compensation. Perhaps an orchard purple T-Shirt if you will?

      Yours Sincerely, Four Beat Slide.

  31. In the song ‘Skip, Skip, Slide’ my friend Dayana raps a line that sounds like ‘Yo, I’m John and that’s my name.’ I find this particular line quite hard to believe seeing as her name clearly is not John. Am I crazy here? Please, let me know the actual line so I can get on with my life. I need to know this.

    Your friend and loyal compadre
    Billy Ray Cyrus

    • Hello Billy, I am not Three Beat slide but I believe I have an answer for your question as I am an AVID three Beat Slide fan. The Line goes “Yo, I’m Dayanna and that’s my name.” She then states that she is, in fact the boss of the song. Just a friendly reminder that you can check the ‘About us’ page to avoid any further confusion.

      Two Beat Slide


    I am number one in these comments!

    I am number one in these comments!

    I am number one in these comments!

  33. Hi Three Beat Slide!!!
    Just wanted to let you know that you have quite a following down here. Summertime, Beach Boogie, and Chore Day get lots of airplay. We are also delighted with the new offering, ‘America is the place to be.’ All of my friends love your work. Do you have any plans to tour?

    • We’re so happy to hear you our enjoying our music! Right now we are focused on making new tracks so even though we don’t have plans to tour yet, there will be more music coming to our channel.

      • Hey Three Beat Gang! looking forward to some new songs! I’m sure they will be smash hits and will top the charts! Please do come on tour to at least these locations!



        *The Bermuda Triangle

        *Papua New Guinea



        *The Democratic republic of the Congo

        *North Korea

        *And last but not least, The Ice planet of Hoth.

        Loving the work Gang, Yours Truly, Two Beat Slide.

    • Hello Three beat slide rocks. I respect your opinion but I think you’ll find that the tunes and rhymes are actually quite brilliant and the songs don;t need any work at all. Good to meet another fellow Three Beat Fan if you will, Loving the ENTHUSIASM!

      Yours Truly, Two Beat Slide.

  34. Hey again Three Beat Gang! Just wondering what Camera Evelyn Uses behind the scenes? My guess is that it is a cinema quality Red Dragon Or something of the like which explains the superb resolution, clarity and frame-rate.

    Two Beat Slide Signing off.

  35. Hello Again Three Beaters! Considering that it has been stated that Dayanna’s favorite breakfast food is eggs, would the Sturm family consider owning any poultry animals presumably chickens or the like, I happen to be a breeder and a fine one at that.

    Yours Truly, Two Beat Slide XOXO

  36. Greetings again Three Beaters! This one goes directly out Dayanna. Considering that your favorite vegetables to CONSUME are cucumbers, would you perhaps consider contacting me as I am a Cucumber and Potato farmer and a Jolly good one at that.

    Please get back to me soon,
    I’m Waiting.

    Two Beat Slide, Signing off x

  37. Good morning all.

    My name is Special Agent Rick Rock-Hard and I have to say, your music has changed me.

    3 years ago I was depressed, my wife left me and took my 4 beautiful children with her. I have been on the force 24 years and believe me I’m not often seen to tear up. But i have to say, your cover of Avicii’s “Wake me up” had me crying rivers over here. I’m a man of the law, and a man of god, but in my 24 years of police work I have never shed a tear.


    Thanks again for making a difference in a sad, sex crazed life.


    Special Agent Rick Rock-Hard

  38. Greetings Again Three Beaters! Just wanting some conformation on what the band’s religious views and beliefs are, I have heard through the grapevine Dayanna practices Satanism while both Edwards are Pagans. I hope this does not cause any conflict in the band but as a marriage counselor I believe I can offer some support, guidance and love. I can be a shoulder to lean on if anything ever does happen.

    Thinking of you, Two Beat Slide.

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    I’m a brony and I’m a huge fan of rainbow dash! I do clop and i personally think it’s a form of art and m’mozart and m’Brahm will be proud of m’clopping skills in music and le art. Fuck all the anti bronies and i have no idea what opinion is. I’m always right since i have an 169 IQ which means i’m very intelligent since all of you are inferior to my Intellect.

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  40. In “Summertime is Great”, the speaker announces that summer is his favorite time of year. YET! In “We Need Some Snow”, the speaker says that Christmas is his favorite time of year.

    WHICH IS IT???

  41. Next Time, You think you cant find work. Know that you’re in a nation of equal opportunity. America. A place where hundreds of thousands of Japanese people can get massacred under the law. And Japanese cities get bombed, for all.

  42. Hey TBS (Three beat slide, cool right?),
    Loving all the knew stuff coming out, I just hope you release a song soon that details the wonderful time known as spring!
    Please hurry with such a song, if possible, as my son does not have long to live, and I’m sure he’d absolutely love it as a fifth birthday present!

    22/7 Beat Slide.

  43. Three beat slide, your life work brings happiness to my daily existence. I connected with the music on a similar level to Dayanna as it allowed me to ‘relive my stress.’ I feel this type of music is truly ahead of its time and I hope to see many more videos produced in the near future.

    • I like my music like I like my coffee. Very fresh and spooky. Thank you Dayanna for singing about jump-ropes and blessing me with your words of kindness. May Jesus smile on you and your family. Enjoy your dinner tonight.


  44. i feel this image encapsulates the band’s image.

    having said that, however, i am a true supporter of team edward. this thing’s gonna be huge. god bless.

  45. Words cannot explain the euphoria I feel listening to Three Beat Slide´s Avant Garde Era with songs like “Skip Skip Slide” and “Beach Boogie”. The key changes and tempo changes in Skip Skip are incredible, it´s reminiscent of the compositions of John Cage, something you don´t see in pop music today. IT´S BLOODY BRILLIANT! What other eras do you guys like? The early days or the new techno direction they took?

  46. New song finally released. I’m glad you didn’t let that beating Tosh gave you get you down. You kept right on swinging and produced a pure work of unadulterated art.

  47. Hi I’m a huge fan of your work and i think you are an inspiration to Americans everywhere. I think it would be wonderful if you did a cover of the Freedom Kids song for Donald Trump’s rally in Florida.

  48. I still need help! Edward please. The shit in my pants has hardened and now I’m basically shit glued to my couch. Why did you not respond the first time. I blame you!

  49. Is it possible to have a private concert with the youngest Edward? We can tickle each other while singing these classics?

  50. Hi Three Beat Slide,
    We love your music and your moves, it’s been a great Saturday night watching all your videos. We love Skip Skip Slide the most – go back to your roots before the beats got so slick!

  51. Oh boy, I’m not familiar with the Cimorelli Band, but I’m going to go check it out now and I’m sure it will be down the rabbit hole from there.

    I’d also like to recommend the artist “Fritz” and his song, “Thuringer Kloesse”. If you like Three Beat Slide, you will surely like Fritz, too.

  52. Love the songs guys! Keep up the good work! Btw I’m going to pre-order one of your phone cases I really like the design! Keep on creating,
    Sincerely, threebeatslidelover xx

  53. This amazing family have changed my life complety. Don’t know where I’d be without them. Edward senior is the best.

  54. Listening to ‘The island’ gets me stiff as a board. Keep up the good work.

    I’m close to finishing now – give your daughters my number.

  55. The first time I heard “Beach Boogie” I was in the kitchen with my mom, as soon as the beat dropped I fucking came all over the table.

  56. If I was on a boat with my family and the three bat slides and could only save one. I would save the three beats and then jerk off on them.

  57. Your music has changed my life. I can now see clearer than ever that Summertime really is great. It’s summertime and everything is great. I love you, and I can’t wait for my iphone case to get in the mail so I can proudly show to the rest of the world that I am a Three Beats Slide fan! You guys are so awesome and amazing, I just want you to be happy for the rest of your life and continue changing the WORLD with your beautiful serenade.

    Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not beautiful you are a hero and a star in this gloomy life that I have to live day in and day out will someone end my suffering?

    • I don’t think they are. It’s pretty easy to spoof. Just add VEVO to the end of your channel name, then use their publicly available watermark and add it to the thumbnails of your vids.

    • yea i agree. but three beats slide did motivate me in some way. they motivated me to push em off a fucking cliff

  58. Just stumbled across you guys. Your music is amazing. It’s like a mix of Adele, Led Zeppelin and the wholesomeness of Christian folk/pop. I’m eager to hear more of you, and let your music insert itself inside of me, and fill me up with all of your joy and passion. God speed.

  59. Dope tracks! That bass knocks so hard. Love pumpin your shit on my ipod while I’m working out. I saw that you got a Five Mics in The Source. Well deserved.

  60. Hey guys, it would be great if you could reply! I really love your music, every song is really unique and amazing! Do you ever think you’ll tour?

    • Hello 🙂 We love hearing that you like our music, and we want to let you know that we are always working on a new song which we can’t wait to share with everyone. In terms of touring, we don’t have any current plans as we are working hard on getting new music out.

  61. This is what music is all about. This is music that transcends and could unite the world, i truly believe that. It resonates deep and is timeless. When you think about music, it is one of the most natural things on earth. Melody and beats are natural, even the primitive tribes play music and have songs of the tribe without any outside influence. It’s because it resonates in all beings, it’s also the reason we have bird song, it’s all pure. When i hear the song The Island, it takes me back to holidays of yesteryear, sunset, cocktails, my luscious thighs in tight white shorts, wet skin on the beach that is soft to the touch. It’s a perfect tempo for romantic love making, i think i could last a good 6 minutes at a tickers pace and this song provides a wonderful metronome for it, i’m sure that was intentional on your part and for that i must applaud you. Beach Boogie is also fantastic, a little uptempo number with a wonderful bass line and horns, almost like a modern day James Brown if he was very white. I must say that video does stir some emotion in me that i’m slightly uncomfortable with. We know showing skin certainly sells in the current climate, i just found it a little at odds with your family friendly style of song and made me two thimbles of blood short of a boner if i’m being honest with you, i had to turn it off before the end before i become fully blooded. I was in public when watching it and it’s not ideal to have those feelings, especially when you measure in at a full witches finger. The head i would say is the main attraction if you survey it from head on, it can almost eclipse the rest of my private parts. Sorry, i’m getting off topic. Anyway my point is, i’d like to see it a little tamer in future. Aside from that, keep up the great work, you’re a fantastic group and an inspiration worldwide. peace be upon you my Jewish brothers and sisters. Shalom Aleikhem (שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם‎‎ ) x x x

  62. My fiancé and I are obsessed with you and your family. Oh and your music as well. It has been a soundtrack to our romantic getaways. Daniel B, the one below, is my fiancé. He’s the one who makes love to me for 6 full minutes while listening to The Island, twice. We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful music you guys have shared with us. <3

  63. I love you guys every time me and my partner make love we have you on in the background
    I’ve never cummed so much in my entire life!!! Honestly it’s like Niagra bad yard falls!!!

    Ps where did your daughter get her sweater sweater from ?

  64. Would you ever a play at a college!? I go to school in Maine, and think you’re homespun aesthetic is inspiring to up and coming artists? Would love a reply, or maybe just some songwriting advice! Thanks 🙂

  65. watched a few of your vids on youtube today, went to do the washing up and ended up whistling America is the place to be. I only played it once, the bugger has got stuck in my head. nice one, keep it up.

  66. Oh hot tamales how moist your songs make me, like snorting crystal meth off George Bush’s cock. Would you guys tell me the secret to how you do it?

  67. Just watched “Summertime is Great” in this cold, snowy country called Sweden and I’m really looking forward to summer warmth! Maybe I should visit this island you’re singing about…

  68. Great job guys! Your tunes are infectious and I find myself singing them throughout the day well after I’ve listened to them. I’m wondering who is the main songwriter – who comes up with the tunes? Who comes up with the lyrics? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your positive feedback! We all share roles and take turns coming up with the initial tune for a song. However, once the initial song is created, we all add input, so there is no main songwriter per say.

  69. Any chance of a colab? Just wondering I love your banging tunes. I love your fresh crepes. I also want to know what microphone you use, the quality is lit fam.

  70. Honestly I have to say you guys are truly genius. Yall are hilarious and I’m not sure if you guys are serious or not, but I tend to believe you guys are some of the best trolls on youtube! Honestly, you guys will go down as some of the great troll musicians, like icejjfish and froggy fresh. I cannot wait for another great video! Keep up the great work!

  71. Real talk though. Keep up the great work, dont let the haters get you down. If youre having fun, thats all that matters.

  72. Threezy Threezy What’s Good? Its Your Boy Max B What’s Goin On? Just Checkin In On You. Appreciate the Love and Support. The Beat is Here. You are Slidey Dudes Anyway You Already Know

  73. When is you next song coming out ? Honestly I was in the house other night and found your channel, my god ye all sound like a cat crossing the road and getting hit with a two ton truck and screaming in pain. Honestly if I ever meant ye I would bash your head in with a gutair. Ah I am only messing, but I will give you advise next time do the beach boogie at the bottom of the ocean. Honestly I thought I lost hope in America when trump became your president but ye confirm that America is fucked.

  74. I just want to say your music is shite. A fat 75 year old Latino getting fucked on porn hub would be more beautiful to listen to then you and your whining two little shits. I mean the cheek of ye to sell a album I mean that shit should be free!! Finally something decent to wipe my arse with. Jesus can’t believe the dad does solo videos sounds like he was sucking off a big cock before he performed. Like Jesus I seen your wife came back in the greatest treasure video. Where she been hiding at the last four years ? McDonald’s was it. Ya she’s your greatest treasure…. More like like the greatest luntic bitch ever. Next time Edward before you kiss her atleast have the balls to admit to her you been sucking off all the black men at the homeless shelter. We all know you and your family would never make it in the industry, we know the truth. You took it up the arse like a good little bitch to get you and your family a record deal. Bitch that’s why you still visit the homeless shelter you miss that warm cock sensation inside you. You little bitch. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a9199d9af33a1544e035a7acc6d8be1572a044bc3f32bb2f0c2b748c42038e18.jpg

  75. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/563adb8a76b8dc65a00053385b8aa8000a2de8d42ae811d607f184187a3bfd20.gif My god, that video where you were munching into that Vegas hookers face was disturbing as fuck. No wonder why she left the family. By the way I know a very good psychologist if you all need help because it looks like you all need it Edward because that shit your uploading is chronic. You all look like someone who would try to convert people to become mormons at the front doors of people houses, if you lot came to my front door i’d slam the fucking thing in your faces.

  76. I’m a huge fan. I love America is the place to be! When is your next song coming out? I work at a ski resort and We Need Some Snow is what we sing when we need some snow!

  77. God told me to skin you alive
    I kill children
    I love to see them die
    I kill children
    And make their mamas cry
    Crush ’em under my car
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    Feed ’em poison candy
    Spoil their Halloween
    So you’re in the kids’ ward
    You’re in there ’cause you’re ill
    How about some Pavulon so I can see you chill
    Time to hit the school bus
    I think I’ll shoot out the tires
    Offer them a helping hand of open telephone wires
    Ever wanted to die?
    Of course you have
    But I won’t till I get my revenge
    Been fucked far, far too many ways
    I don’t want to see people any more
    Things I never ever saw before
    Make me see them for the shit they are
    Take as many as I can away with me
    Anyone can be king for a day
    So I kill children
    I love to see them die
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    I bang their heads in doors
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    Can hardly wait for yours
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  78. I live in the UK with my friend Humphrey – we love your music, it has been a dream for us to one day meet you. Your music uplifts us and makes us so happy.
    Its Summertime all the time when we watch your music videos.

  79. im a huge fan! are you guys planning on going on tour anytime soon? would love to go to a show if given the opportunity! keep posting videos, very talented!

  80. What you’ve done for your 25th wedding birthday is so romantic… I love you guys ! Please I need other songs !

  81. Me and my girlfriend love your band! We want your merch! Does it ship to the UK? I think it’d be a perfect gift for her birthday! Our favourite song is Journey! We listen to it on our way to college!

  82. Have you guys ever has a three way on chore day
    Here come dat boi o sheet waddup
    Bayblade baylade let it rip
    This is it get a grip let it rip

  83. Just bought your merch. You guys should collab with Kendrick Lamar, you guys are both the best in the business.

  84. My wife and I make love to your banging tunes every night. Can you guys please cover “bring me to life” by Evanescence?

  85. You’re music stopped me from cutting myself and my wife now enjoys our late bedtime wrestling matches together.

  86. Hello, I’m French and I have written a traditional message to thank you for your efforts and inspiration:
    “Mangez tous vos morts, tous autant que vous êtes”
    Kthxbai ❤️

  87. Are you guys thinking of coming to Adelaide, Australia at some point for a tour? If you are let me know, would love to attend a live show.

    • No That Land Isnt Real, Australia IS NOT REAL.
      Most of you have probably been brought up believing in the imaginary land called Australia. I bet many of you even learned about it in school. I am here to tell you the truth.

      “Well, the fact is that Australia doesn’t really exist. Everything you have ever heard about it was made up, and any pictures of it you have seen were faked by the government. I am sure you have even talked to people on the internet who claim to be from Australia. They are really secret government agents who are surfing the internet to enforce these false beliefs.

      “We are not entirely sure why the government made up an imaginary continent, or why it is trying to convince the world that this continent is real, but we can tell you that we know for a fact that Australia doesn’t really exist.

      “Please join us in our quest to convince the world of the truth.”

      “Australia does not exist,” she stated. “All things you call ‘proof’ are actually well fabricated lies and documents made by the leading governments of the world. Your Australian friends? They’re all actors and computer-generated personas, part of the plot to trick the world.”

  88. HI! Do you remember receiving an email about two years ago of four girls who made a chalk mural for you?! If so, thats us! We still love you and want to email with you again! When are you touring? Please get back to us soon <3

    • Oh yes, we will always remember our biggest fans. We dont know when we are going to be touring but hopefully we do soon. If you email us, we will email you back, hope to hear from you soon. Thank You.

  89. Hey fellas, I recently purchased some autographed memorabilia, and I never got it. This was a month ago, and I am very nervous. I bought it for my two cats and I to enjoy, and you guys did not come through. You have lost a fan.

  90. My name is Jamie Macleod and I loev your music sooo much!! <3 My favorite song is It's Summer Time becuase it's my favourite to dance to again and again. I lvoe you sooo much! 🙂

    • Ooh
      You can dance
      You can jive
      Having the time of your life
      Ooh, see that girl
      Watch that scene
      Dig in the dancing queen
      Friday night and the lights are low
      Looking out for a place to go
      Where they play the right music
      Getting in the swing
      You come to look for a king
      Anybody could be that guy
      Night is young and the music’s high
      With a bit of rock music
      Everything is fine
      You’re in the mood for a dance
      And when you get the chance
      You are the dancing queen
      Young and sweet
      Only seventeen
      Dancing queen
      Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah
      You can dance
      You can jive
      Having the time of your life
      Ooh, see that girl
      Watch that scene
      Dig in the dancing queen
      You’re a teaser, you turn ’em on
      Leave ’em burning and then you’re gone
      Looking out for another
      Anyone will do
      You’re in the mood for a dance
      And when you get the chance
      You are the dancing queen
      Young and sweet
      Only seventeen
      Dancing queen
      Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah
      You can dance
      You can jive
      Having the time of your life
      Ooh, see that girl
      Watch that scene
      Dig in the dancing queen
      Dig in the dancing queen

  91. Yo! Dawg! You are da best! You give me inpiration for when I plot my Communist revolution, I love your son I want to perform pagan rituals on him

  92. Absolutely brilliant! I should play Skip Skip Slide this when I go for my holiday to Poland later this year

  93. Love the songs! I’m going to buy myself some signed stuff.
    Just out of curiosity, do you guys ship stuff to Europe?

  94. I woiuld love for you to coem my school (Rednock School) and perfrom there. I would lvoe that, I think it would eb brillilant! Lveo and hugs, 🙂 x Jamie Macleod

  95. You must never do a tango with an Eskimo
    No, no, no, oh dear no
    When a lady from Nebraska’s at a party in Alaska
    She must never do a tango with an Eskimo

  96. You can do it with a Latin, from Manilla to Manhattan
    You can do it with a gaucho in Brazil
    But if once those Eskimoses start to wiggle with their toeses
    You can bet your life you’re gonna get a chill

  97. You must never do a tango with an Eskimo
    No, no, no, oh dear no
    When a lady from Nebraska’s at a party in Alaska
    She must never do a tango with an Eskimo

  98. You can do it with a sailor from Peru to Venezuela
    You can do it with a Apaches in Paree
    But if once an Eskimosee starts to cuddle up so cozy
    You’ll find your passion cooling, yes sirree

  99. Brr, you can never do a tango with an Eskimo
    No, no, no, oh dear no
    If you do, you’ll get the breeze up
    And you’ll end up with a freeze up
    You must never do a tango with an Eskimo
    No, no, no, oh no, no, no, no
    Never do a tango with an Eskimo
    No, no, no!

  100. I’m going to slide my hand on my man meat and beat it hard. Then I’ll bust three nuts – one for little Edward and 2 for Dayanna. Big Eddie don’t get one cause he’s a nasty freak.

  101. Lets be honest… you are homeschooled. Never give up on being homeschooled. You will go far one day if you stop making music, but for now, Rock on ! ! Let s all celebrate the life and the love ! This world is a big crazy place and its chock full of potential ! Enjoy the life ! Find the inspiration and live on ! Blessings…

    • Agreed. Parents shouln’t lead their kids down dead end paths just to exert control. Kids have to eventually find their own direction, their own way.

    • I honestly think they aren’t homeschooled. I think this awesome band stopped making music because the kids were getting too much hate for it in school. 🙁

  102. Hi guys, big fan, I was just wondering if you all are working on any more songs? It’s been a while since your last release.

  103. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/661fbbd1f67e7c1d4f1cad0a836445f2e72aacfdeb70c62c8bf26b39d97fbf79.gif

    Edward nice video on you shifting that Vegas wan in ‘Greatest-Treasure’, it was chronic but at the same time I have to hand it to you man she suits you, I see her sitting on your lap on the thumbnail fucking hell man did your leg not break? and question; is she the runaway Mother ? cause in all fairness Edward there is not a hope in hell you got a second chick unless you paid her a grand for that shot you did. Edward junior needs a good trip to the nut house too he doesn’t seem well in the upstairs department abit like yourself Edward so I am guessing he didn’t exactly lick that off a rock. Not being a prick or anything i’m just saying this for your own understanding. And Dayanna…well only thing we can say there is she needs to be barred from McDonald’s and the Jesus Christ after church karaoke group. Hope ya’ll getting the treatment you need! Peace!

  104. It’s been quite a while since your last song? I’m really hoping the hate hasn’t got to you and your working on another unique tune! Please reply I really love your songs

    Stay positive

  105. I think that the people who like your music with irony fail to appreciate your real gift for melodies and infectious energy.

    Another great quality about your music is its fearlessness. I can look back at a couple of decades of popular music history where “real artists” often represented a fearless exploration of music’s potential. But those various boundary-seeking groups spawned “alternative” genres that have actually become “safe zones” for people who want to appear fearless. A quick example, black metal in the 90s. Or the way everyone is supposed to understand Radiohead’s Kid A, like it has become the “safe” standard exploration album. As a consequence of this dillution of creative freedom and fearlessness in various subgenres, I think popular music has gone full circle and returned to a point where something as wholesome and safe as Three Beat Slide’s family adventures frame the most fearless tunes I’ve heard in years.

    I find it highly commendable that I can listen to your tunes and feel positive while also getting the fearless vibe, or the brave vibe. In a way, Three Beat Slide is to me the artistic equivalent of the boy who goes into the huge Roman arena and fights the tigers to the best of his ability. Some among the audience are accustomed to more impressive fighters, and they might laugh at his imperfect fighting. But isn’t it essentially incredible that he does it especially in spite of his limitations? I would cheer for that boy, and I unironically cheer for you. Because life can always present us with arenas surrounded by crowds, faced with tigers. Or whatever, maybe the analogy is flawed, since your songs are not about conflicts. Maybe I should imagine some sort of sports arena instead. Or just an actual music stage as it is, instead of adding unnecessary allusions.

    For any future tunes, I suggest adding more layers of beats. The simplicity of the beats on Visualize EP does not take away from my enjoyment, but nonetheless I think your songs could benefit from recording a second layer of drums on top of one previously recorded. Maybe it could just be a ‘fuller’ bass drum on the first beat of every song or something very basic like that, or you could really experiment with pan and reverb effects and various frequencies and tones of percussion.

    I wanted to mention a few other artists in case you’re interested. First off, I am reminded of Daniel Johnston’s remarkable full-band album ‘Artistic Vice’. Johnston is tragically a case of bad mental health as he got stuck on a broken romance and just kept focusing on that incident for decades, instead of breaking free from that memory. But he made some uniquely gifted tunes with a real knack for melody and a great confidence that he deserves his spot in the the rock’n’roll hall of fame. I chose to mention ‘Artistic Vice’ because it has full band arrangements, but also because some songs are uncharacteristically positive and joyous. I think you will like that. 🙂

    When I wrote the paragraph about beats, I came to think of Timbaland. I know, it’s maybe not appropriate for comparing with your music, but I think you should study the beats on the Justin Timberlake album ‘FutureSex/LoveSongs’ where the beats are VERY indicative of Timbaland’s approach to beats. One danger in this recommendation would be if you turned that sound into a goal, or an ideal. That would impair your creative freedom and unique sound.

    In terms of beat simplicity, I want to mention that simplicity can of course be a strength. In fact, the great rock musician Jack White chose his one bandmate Meg White because of her totally simple drum style. I mean, I can hardly imagine simpler beats than hers. And they’re completely emblematic of the White Stripes sound. For a strong example, I suggest their self-titled album from 1999, for example the opener ‘Jimmy The Exploder’. It’s not totally wholesome in its temperament, but you can hear the drums staying at the core of accentuating each beat instead of being ‘showy’.

  106. Hi Three Beat Slide,
    I’m a big fan and I just want to let you guys know that I’m so inspired by your work. I can honestly say you’ve changed my life. Every day I listen to one of your songs to start the day, and it just brings me so much joy even on the worst days. I’ve introduced my whole family and all my friends to your band and they’re all big fans as well. I was wondering if there was a way for us to meet up in real life- I’d love a picture with you guys. You’re such a good looking family! Do you have any public events or autograph signings? I’m your biggest fan… specifically, I love Edward. He’s so talented (as are Edward and Dayanna) and you all have such a great future ahead. Let me know when your next event is.

  107. the three beat slide is truly a blessing. my poor innocent dog was dying, then I played him Journey and now he’s back on his toes. thank you for giving him the gift of reincarnation….I truly am fortunate to have listened too your music!!!! I also must say Edward Sr is a hot steamy man but he has to be careful so he doesn’t break the law (if you know what I mean) dayanna and baby Edwards are equally magical!! god bless this beautiful Thai family….. I have gotten aroused 20 times btw

  108. please stop making music you are awful. do you not see the dislikes on your videos and how much people hate them? Edward you are embarresing your kids they must get bullied everyday. You even posted a video which was an interview which one person said they hated your family band so much. plz stop.

  109. Any new music coming out soon? I love you guys! My 25th birthday is coming up and I wanted a song of yours to play at my party.

    • I think they may have died too be honest, like maybe there was a Walmart shooting and they all got killed… i mean it is america;.

  110. I listen to “summertime is great” every morning. I love your sweet tunes. Keep it up. PS: I would love to hear a song about pizza or first dates. thanks

  111. I have a friend named Kyle Newton. He refuses to listen to your mad tracks. He has long hair, a great butt and is only a lil’sweet for chocolate. If you people aka the band could mention his name in a song, that would boil my pizza pockets. Thanks, your undying fan and lover Keith Morehouse.

  112. Hello Edward, Dayana and Edward! I really love your music and I’ve showed my friends your music videos. I even made a fan account on instagram called @welovethreebeatslide I hope that there are more songs coming out sooner rather than later because we all love them SO MUCH we could listen to the on repeat all day! Good luck for the future!

  113. Dear Three Beat Slides,

    Are you available to hire for performances for birthdays, etc. ? I love your approach to music, so much more finesse than you find on the radio these days.

    Hope you’re well!

  114. IT WAS JUNE 42nd, my birthday, and I was debating on committing suicide however, my mother stepped in and gave me a three beat slide album. As I plugged my earphones in, the music was so glorious that I decided not to commit suicide. It reminded me of the shrek album, which made me feel better about myself. Thanks

    Also is Edward Jr single? ;)))))
    Listen to my soundcloud jams: @lilpuro

    • Hi this is the Auto-Moderation BOT. this question has been answered by Three Beat Slide, The Response Is;
      Yes we are 100% For Real. and we take Full offence To your Comment!

    • HOW DARE YOU!?! TBS are my children. They bring the word of God to the masses, unlike the pretenders, who blaspheme our Lord’s name.

  115. Hello from Iowa Edward, Edward and Dayana! How are you we are Zuul from Iowa. We really enjoy your music and show it to all our friends but none of them love it as much we do. Please make Tshirts so we can wear it to school and our work. Please keep making music and please come to iowa and play a show. With Love, Zuul
    PS we’re a band

  116. I once shot up a school listening to “Summertime is great”. I cherish the memory of me singing along, as I cut down dozens of defenceless students. I can’t wait to do it again. I love you guys so much, perhaps you’d like to join me for a mass shooting some time?

      • I can’t wait, my good friend. Together we shall cleanse the world, whilst sharing in our mutual love for Three Beat Slide. Perhaps we should do a duet?

        • Yes a duet!!!
          I believe we should do the song “America is the Place to Be” whilst we shoot up the infidels and take back the motherland.

          You cannot forget the capturing, we will capture Three Beat Slide and make them preform as we slaughter everyone who sands in out way!

          • We will butcher the so-called Christians, as we travel across the world, purging the filthy and the unworthy. And then, when we finally give our lives to our god Shrek, he will greet us with open arms. While many may call us “terrorists” we are in fact the harbingers of a new world, the instruments of God’s will. WHITE POWER!

          • We have Been Sent from the heavens to rule judgement on all of the none believers, WE WILL MAKE THEM BOW DOWN TO OUR LORDS THE THREE BEAT SLIDE

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