Hand-Autographed Professional Photographs (The Island Pose)

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In commemoration with our release of “The Island”, we thought it would be cool to come out with a new Three Beat Slide photograph. The photo will be hand-autographed in ink by all three of us and printed on high quality professional paper! (watermark removed upon purchase)

Buying more than one does not increase shipping costs.  You can also mix and match other photos for the same shipping cost🙂

5 reviews for Hand-Autographed Professional Photographs (The Island Pose)

  1. Kevin

    Played this at my wedding. Me and my life met in the comments of your video, we have had your music on repeat.

    Our kids are called Edward and Dayanna

    Love you all, Kevin and Mel

  2. Me

    Pure beauty.

  3. Vanessa

    i am the biggest fan of three beat slide. My favorite song is journey!!!! but i love this island photo. Edward looks so hotttttt.
    vanessa + edward 4eva!!!

  4. Sara

    Very nice

  5. Three Beat Fried

    I love this photograph as it features some very realistic looking super imposed birds. The floating aspect seems to have filled Edward with glee as you can tell my his facial expression. Edward on the other hand is very cheeky and is clutching some melons.

    Keep up the great moves three beat slide!

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