Hand-Autographed Professional Photographs (Gas Station)

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Get your Official Three Beat Slide 8.5 x 11 photograph of us.  The photo will be hand-autographed in ink by all three of us and printed on high quality professional paper! (watermark removed upon purchase)

Buying more than one does not increase shipping costs.  You can also mix and match other photos for the same shipping cost🙂

3 reviews for Hand-Autographed Professional Photographs (Gas Station)

  1. cunhur

    I love his [product its sexy as fuck

  2. Five Beat Slide

    Most definitely the greatest creation of all of mankind. The photographic talent in this image radiates like Edward and Edward’s cheeky grins.
    The watermark is of truly masterful placement, conveying the credit to the excellent creators while not being too pushy.
    I must say, this is easily the most awe inspiring cover I’ve seen in my entire life. It calms me when I’m angry. Cheers me up when I’m sad.

    It will make an excellent addition to my shrine.

    Thank you for this Three Beat Slide, very cool.

  3. Four Beat Slide

    This is not only a brilliant photograph, But it is most likely the greatest photo ever taken. The “Gas Station” Scene is one of my all time favorite scenes in any Three Beat Slide song. Edward, Dayanna and Edward were at peak performance in this song and I can’t forget to mention the wonderful Evelyn Sturm who even makes an appearance instead of being behind the camera. I believe I have developed a specific fetish for Three Beat Slide and have used this photo to reach sexual gratification. This photo only just came in the mail two and a half hours ago and I have already pleasured myself not once, not twice but THRICE already! I Three Beat Off, If you will.

    Thank You Three Beat Slide for changing my life and helping me through these troubling times.

    Yours Truly, Your biggest fan and lover, Four Beat Slide.

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